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Membership Criteria

The core membership of the IT Procurement Working Group is comprised of information management, legal and procurement leaders who are committed to improving IT procurement practices.  Organizations* which have a commitment to improving IT procurement practices are invited to join and contribute. This is best demonstrated by having the endorsement or sponsorship to participate in the working group by the senior ranking executive responsible for the IT procurement practice in your organization.

Please contact Koorosh Dehghan (410-336-7452), Kerry Franz (814-449-6753) or Brian Bahnsen (515-480-3496) for additional information.

*Applications will not be considered from organizations, or individuals representing them, whose primary business involves selling IT products or services.


Participating Organizations:

  • Legal practices specializing in IT procurement
  • IT & HR Procurement Practitioner Organizations
  • IT Professional Services Procurement

SIM International Membership:

SIM International Membership is encouraged, but not mandatory to be a member of this ITPWG.

Fee Structure (per company):
Unlimited members for $500.
If you are a sole proprietor, please contact us about an alternative option for membership.